Count Orlok (Dracula) portrayed by Max Schreck

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An anime interpretation of a Vampire

Dracula Bela1231243

Count Dracula portrayed by Béla Lugosi

Basic InformationEdit

Vampires. They are bloodsuckers. That's all there is right? NO! True, they are bloodsuckers, but they have many more abilities. They can move at super speed and easily outrun a cheetah. You may know this but when vampires bite, you too become a vampire.

Though Vampires have their weaknesses. They involve:

  • Garlic
  • Holy Water
  • Cross
  • Wooden Stakes

Though their power makes up for their many weaknesses, one vampire in particular was and is extremely famous.

Famous VampireEdit

Count Dracula! He has turned many in to vampires and haunted many until a heroic man stabbed him with a stake. He has his own castle and is right here today. You may have not known but its real! It is one of the most expensive houses in THE WORLD! No.10 in 2011. Though its not for sale! It actually has a cost of $135,000,000

It is in Romania and was built in the 14th century. It is a monument and museum thanks to the legend around it. It has 57 rooms in total including 17 bedrooms.

Vampire/Werewolves RivalryEdit

Vampires and Werewolves go a long way through history.They are enemies and that all. They will have a never ending conflict. Lasts for ALL eternity!


Superstision started about Vampires didn't get crazy until the 18th Century. It led to loads of madness that caused people to be staked because of accusasion of being a vampire.

Deal with HadesEdit

Because of the deal the first Vampire made the souls of all Vampires are in coffins inside Hades