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Tundra Trolls

Tundra Trolls are huge, massive creatures. They can reach massive heights of 15 - 20 feet tall. They have shaggy white fur, two black horns and black claws plus deadly teeth. They eat just about anything that moves or get in their way involving humans. These menacing creatures live in cold areas such as mountains, the Artic Region, or a snowy forest. Tundra Trolls often live in groups but are easily separated when a heat source arrives. They're weakness is fire, and when they are touched by the flames it either dissolves to snow or bursts into flames and dies. It is said that if you are stuck in the dept of a blizzard and you see 2 shiny blue lights through the snow, a tundra troll is there and its coming for you.

Notes Edit

  • Though adults are ferocious, babies are weak. If you are luck to catch a Baby Troll you'll have a good guardian by your side
  • At age 2 fur sets in