Ceryneian Hind

Ceryneian Hind


This was the third labour set by King Eurystheus which was differnet to the first two because King Eurystheus and Hera had decided that Hercules could kill anything they asked him to, so they set him the task of capturing the Ceryneian Hind

The Ceryneian Hind was a Sacred animal to Artemis (the greek god of Hunting). The Ceryneian Hind had golden antlers and bronze hooves. It could also outrun a arrow.

Hercules had chased the Hind for a year before he could outsmart it and capture it. He was chasing it one day when he decided to stop and pretend to sleep, seeing this, the Hind carryed on galloping for a few more hours and then went to sleep. Once the Hind was out of sight he stealthly chased until he saw it asleep and captured it.

King Eurystheus wanted Artemis, to be angry at Hercules for capturing his sacred animal. But on the back, Hercules asked Artemis to forgive him and he would set it loose once he had shown it to King Eurytheus.