Tails Doll in Sonic R

Everyone loves a good game. Death, Murder and Soul Stealing... what? That's not what you think about games? Well change your opinion because this thing is pure evil.

Basic InformationEdit

First appearing in Sonic R, the Tails Doll has gotten a strong mythology. It is believed that if you summon it, it will kill you instantly. Listed are ways to summon it.

Summoning MethodsEdit

  • Tag Super Sonic in Sonic R
  • Play Can You Feel the Sunshine in a Dark Locked Bathroom
  • Play Living in the City in a Dark Locked Bathroom
  • Draw a picture of it in a Dark Locked Bathroom

If Method one is usedEdit

The first sign of the curse is bad luck. The luck will get worse and worse until you can't stand it anymore. It waits until you are vunerable. When you reach this point, it will take something away from you that means a lot. He will continue doing this, until you have barely any strength left. While he does this, he will message you from time-to-time, usually in the form of sticky notes, or writings on the wall (that are usually made of blood from a victim). Then finally, you die.


  • Many peo
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    An artist's drawing of the Tails Doll

    ple are sceptics to this topic
  • It is reported it likes to hang people
  • It is rumored it is the last thing you ever see