Victoria Square - Sphinx-like Guardian - near the former General Post Office

Sphinx-like Guardian found near the former General Post Office in Victoria Square


The Great Sphinx of Giza

Basic InformationEdit

The Sphinx are mythical guardians of great power. They traditionally have the face of a human and the body of a lion. They are also occasionally depicted with the wings of an eagle.

They possess immense power but to be able to use it they must issue a riddle or a challenge. If they are defeated (wich is rare) they would yield some knowledge or some sort of treasure they are bound to guard.


In Greek mythology, there was only ever a single Sphinx named Phix. This Sphinx was female and was a unique 'Demon' of bad luck and destruction. Despite the one Sphinx in Greek mythology, many other countries had their own versions of Sphinxs.

Indian Sphinx: This was named 'Purushamriga', a Sanskrit word which meant 'Man Beast'. It's idols are still worshipped today, and it's believed the Sphinx removes the evils and sins of a man.

Shri-Lanka Sphinx: This was named 'Narashima' which is of Buddhist orign. It is believed to be the Guardian of the North Direction.

Burmese Sphinx: This was named 'Manussiha' which was believed to be created by Buddhist monks. It was created to protect new born babies.


  • One of their favored riddles was:
  • "what walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening" - The answer being man.