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The Sirens were the three sea nymphs who lured
Sirens cove

One of the Sirens

sailors to their deaths with their songs. The Sirens live on the island of Anthemoessa. When they sing they attract men from miles away and when they get near by, the boat crashes into rocks or gets rocked by 5-10M high waves.

The Sirens once met the Argonauts but due to Orpheus (the poet) none of the men heard it. The sirens were so annoyed they jumped into the sea and drowned.



Sirens true form

Greek Mythology: The Sirens were depicted as half-women, half-birdlime creatures who sang sweet songs, which drove sailors to their death. To avoid temptation and death, Odysseus ordered his crew to plug their ears with beeswax, so they were not lured by the Sirens' song.


  • A Siren's true form has the head of an ugly fanged woman with the body of a bird. However appear as beautiful.