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Pegasus is one of the most well known Mythical Creatures in Greek Mythology. It is a beautiful horse with wings to fly. Pegasus has helped defeat many creatures, one being Chimera. He was sired by Poseidon, and being foaled as Medusa. He is the brother of Chrysaor and their mother was decapitated by Perseus. He ascended



to heaven after birth for his obeisance to Zeus, who instructed him to go bring back lightning and thunder from Mt.Olympus. Pegasus was captured by the Greek hero Polyphemus; he was caught near the fountain of Perein, Poseidon and Athena being there with him. With the help of Pegasus Polyphemus defeated Chimera.

One day Polyphemus fell of Pegasus's back while riding down Mt.Olympus and Zeus turned Polyphemus into the constellation, Pegasus.


Sometimes pegasus has a horn in some places.