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A Griffin with a snake tail

Basic InfomationEdit

The Griffin is a mythical beast, which has the body of a lion and the front legs, wings and head of an eagle. Sometimes, it is depicted with a long snake for a tail. Since the lion is considered the King Of Beasts, and the eagle is King Of Birds, the Griffin is very powerful and is respected by many. In some traditions, only a female Griffin is depicted with wings. And in even fewer traditions, the Griffin wasn't depicted with wings at all.


The Griffin has a rich ancient history which spans from before 3300 B.C, in which it featured in some Greek texts. However, it is believed that the Griffin was featured in Egypt many years before this. The Greeks and Romans often used the image of a Griffin to guard their tombs and treasure.

The Greeks and Romans used Griffins, as they were known for guarding treasure. One of the well known examples is the Tree Of Life. The Tree Of Life is an enduring legend which is associated with many topics, such as Religion and Mythology. The Tree is connected with divinity and immortality, so this was rightly protected by Griffins, to prevent the Trees powers from falling into the wrong hands.


The Griffin is sometimes named as the Gryphon, and less commonly, the Griffon.