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Gorgons are from greek mythology. They were 3 sisters Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa. Traditionally Sthero and Euryale were immortal whilst their sister Medusa was not.

Gorgons normally have snake-like skin and about 10 small snakes attached to their heads. Whenever someone looks a gorgon in the eye (or the snakes eyes) they turn to stone (or in some stories, they can just downright parylize someone). They have also been known to have golden wings.


  • The most famous of the sisters was Medusa, who was killed by Perseus.
  • Once thay had chopped Medusa's head off a few droplets of her blood felll on some sand. From the sand came Amphisbenes (a deadly sanake with a head on both ends)
    Medusa 2

    A gorgon