A Chinese Dragon Statue


A Chinese Dragon

Basic InformationEdit

Chinese Dragons are also known as Eastern Dragons, or Lung. These dragons are traditionally thought to control every form of water, from the sea and the rain, to the smallest stream. They traditionally are able to fly, even though they don't have wings; this is due to their Chimu, a series of crests on their heads. People say that their breath makes clouds, and that wherever they appear they will bring rain. There is a special pearl that is lodged under the chin of this dragon, said to be priceless.

The Chinese held that this dragon could have both draconic and non-draconic offspring. There are nine types of guardian non-draconic offspring: Bixi, who like to bear heavy loads; Chiwen, who enjoy looking into the distance; Taotie and Baxia, who enjoy water; Yazi, who love battle; Bi'an, who hate criminals; Suanni, who love fire and smoke; Jiaotu, who are possessive of their domains; and Pulao, who like music and roaring.

There are also stories of dragons kin who were human. These children had all the power of their dragon ancestors, as well as a part of their nature. The emperors of China believed that they were such a line of descendents.

In the history of China there are tales of dragon keepers, those fortunate and wise enough to be trusted by the dragons with the care of their young and themselves. Dragons would actively seek these people out, coming to them to receive care and attention that they could not provide for themselves.


  • These Dragons are closly related to water dragons
  • This type of dragons is the only type still worshipped today
  • Panlong is an Aquatic Chinese Dragon also found in the game "dragonvale"

    A Panlong depicted in the game Dragonvale

  • The Eastern Dragon's worst enemy is the tiger.