Domain The Underworld
Gender Unknown

Basic InformationEdit

Cerberus is a three headed hell hound, traditionally known for being Hades' pet dog and guard dog for the underworld.

It was the offspring of Echidna, a half human half snake and Typhoon, a fire breathing giant (which even the olympians feared). His brothers were Hydra and Chimera and his half brother is suposedly Orthrus the two headed hell hound.


Greek Mythology: Cerberus is depicted as a dog with three ferocious head and the tail of a snake. His task is to guard Hades, only allowing the dead to enter. Only a few people have ever gotten past Cerberus to see Hades.

  • Orpheus, the famed musician, sneaked into Hades by using his music to lull Cerberus to sleep.
  • Hercules, with the permission of Hades, gets Cerberus in a choke hold, knocks him out and kidnaps him.


  • Cerberus was captured by Hercules as his twelfth task and was sent to the surface but was immediatly sent back.
  • The Cerberus used to be Hades' Dog until The Cerberus broke free from Hades' Chains.