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Basic info on HerculesEdit

Hercules was the illegitimate son of Zeus and Alcmene (making him a Demi-God). Because of this Hera was enraged and hated Hercules. Hercules was famous for being very strong but he was also agile and intelligent.


Due to the fact that Hera hated Hercules so much she sent Hercules into a blind frenzy and killed all of his 6 children and wife. Once he reganed his sanity he went to a Oracle to see what he should do because he regreted what he had done. The Oracle told him to go and serve King Eurystheus of Mycenae for 12 years and do anything he asked of him. In return Hercules would become immortal. Eurystheus told him that he would give him 10 tasks and once he had done them he could leave.


1. To kill the the Nemean lion.

The First Labour of Hercules

2. To kill the Lernean Hydra.

The Second Labour of Hercules

3. To capture the Ceryneian Hind (Sacred animal to Artemis).

The Third Labour of Hercules

4. To capture the Erymanthian Boar.

The Fourth Labour of Hercules

5. To clean the Augean stables in one day.

The Fifth Labour of Hercules

6. To kill the Stymphalian Birds

The Sixth Labour of Hercules

7. Capture the Creten Bull.

The Seventh Labour of Hercules

8. To steal the Mares of Diamedes.

The Eighth Labour of Hercules

9. To obtain the Belt from the Queen of the Amazons.

The Ninth Labour of Hercules

10.To Obtain the cattle of the Monster Geyron.

The Tenth Labour of Hercules

(Extra) 11. To steal the Apples of Hesperiades.

(Extra) 12. To Capture Cerberus.


  • Hercules had to do two extra tasks because King Eurystheus thought he didn't do the Second and Fifth ones by himself or by his making.
  • The Second labour because his nephew helped him kill the Hydra.
  • And the Fifth because he didn't clean it, the water did and he received pay for it.

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