• Destroyerkhaos

    There are fearsome devils that are known to kill a person if met. Burning them is good to kill them, but oddly enough,they wear armor. You can use arrows and you can then loot a helmet, a armor, and a belt(For sale?). The ghost wear a santa hat, but can phase through people to evade attacks. The best way to get a dead ghost is when they de-phase and talk to devils about mischeif and when it doesn't notice, use a catapult rock at him!

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  • Lilbuddy


    April 21, 2012 by Lilbuddy

    This is an awesome wiki and I recommend everyone to join

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  • SilverMarsh

    Coding Tests

    March 30, 2012 by SilverMarsh

    List Test:

    First border failed.

    Secondary test will progress shortly.

    If this works, I will add it to the Monster List. I've done this on the DV wiki on my own Blog, so I can transfer the code over.

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  • 555typedscorpion


    March 12, 2012 by 555typedscorpion

    Hello, I just joined..... these are the mermaids...... they are the women that died in the water.... they are sooo beautiful to attract men and when one of the men kiss the marmaids.... the mermaid grabs the men under the water until that man dies.. Then she eats him....Also, marmaids can sing very beautiful.............

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  • 555typedscorpion

    here's my own chemera:

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