Betsy bell

Betsy Bell, one of the victims of the Bell Witch.

In the great state of Tennessee, make sure you don't hit the road to Adams. Why, you may ask? Because, Adams, Tennessee is home to a terrible creature. Known to most as, The Bell Witch.

Legend has it that the Bell family was attacked by a unknown source. In the early 1800s, John Bell and his family moved to Red River, Tennessee or Adams, Tennessee as it is known today. One day in 1817, John was inspecting his corn fields when he encountered a strange-looking animal. It had a body of a dog and a head of rabbit. Bell grabbed his gun and shot at it couple times. Then, it vanished out of sight.

Through out the following weeks the Bells heard strange noises. The children complained of rats knawing at their bed posts, bed sheets pull off of them and pillows being tossed to the floor by a invisible entity. Strange behavior continued thorughout the years. Until the entity was fed up with these strangers on it's land.

On the dawn of December 20, 1820 John Bell breathed his last breath. After investigating they found a small vile of unidentified liquid in the cupboard. John's son John Bell Jr. gave some to the cat, it died instantly. The entity spoke aloud joyfully "I gave Ol' Jack a dose of that last night, which fixed him!" John Jr. threw the vial in the fireplace where it bursted into a bright, blue flame and shot up the chimney.

The entity still waits for another Bell to this day. Waiting for the kill.