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Extraterrestrials, Aliens, call them what you want. But one thing is for sure,


they sure are mystifying. We all want to go to space, these creatures have been every where.

Everyone has seen them. Pennywise from It, the Aliens from the alien movies. They are everywhere.

Said by most to be nothing more than pure science fiction, it is however in the realm of possibility that there is some other form of creatures in the vast, unexplored region of space, the final frontier. It would be negligent to assume that the species of animals on Earth are the only living things in the barren reachs of space.

Although, they are not necessarily coming in the form of a bipedial, reptilian being portrayed in old movies. An alien could be as simple as a single-celled organism, invisible to the naked eye.

Aliens have always been a mystery to us, and may forever be.


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